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Air Content of Fresh Mixed Concrete CO-400

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Air Content of Fresh Mixed Concrete CO-400

Dimension ( l x w x h) : 40 x 40 x 100 cm
Gross Weight : 20 kg.

For determining the air content of freshly mixed concrete from observation of the change in volume of concrete with a change in pressure.
CO-401 Air Entrainment Meter. 5 ltr capacity, 3 " maximum agregate size, direct reading 0-10% , manometer, hand pump 1 Pc
CO-402 Carryng Case Wooden box 1 Pc
GE-801 Scoop Cast alumunium 1 Pc
GE-871 Trowel Pointed type 1 Pc
GE-891 Straight Edge 40 cm length 1 Pc
GE-900 Rubber Mallet Rubber head, wooden handle 1 Pc
GE-920Brush Steel wire 1 Pc
GE-930 Tamping Rod Machine steel, galvanized 16 mm dia., 600 mm length 1 Pc.

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