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Liquid Limit Test Set SO-310

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Liquid Limit Test Set SO-310

Liquid Limit Test Set SO-310

For determining liquit limit of soil sample.
SO-311 Liquid Limit Device Hand operated, brass cup, hard rubber base 1 Set
SO-312 ASTM Grooving Tool Machined steel, head gauge 1 Pc
SO-313 Cassagrande Grooving Tool Brass plate 1 Pc
GE-390 Thin Box Alumunium, 60 gr capacity 12 Pcs
GE-396 Glass Plate Galss, 10 mm thick, 30 x 30 cm 1 Pc
GE-402 Graduated Cylinder 100 ml capacity 1 Pc
GE-501 Porcelain Dish 12 cm dia., 250 ml capacity 1 Pc
GE-820 Spatula 150 mm blade 1 Pc
GE-825 Scraper 100 mm blade 1 Pc

Also required,
but not part of this set:
SO-450 Moisture Content Test Set
AG-232A Sieve No. 40
AG-250 Pan & Cover
GE-511 Mortar and Pastle
GE-521 Wash Bottle

Dimension (l x w x h) : 40 x 40 x 40 cm
Gross Weight : 7 kg

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