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Sondir Hydraulic 10 Ton SO-700

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Sondir Hydraulic 10 Ton SO-700

Sondir Hydraulic 10 Ton SO-700

The penetrometer can also be supplied in trailer mounted version or for installation in a sounding truck

The penetrometer 100 kN-TW, having a separate driving appliance and power unit, botj on a moveable frame for easy transport on the site, ensure a very convenient operation for a wide range of insitu investigation test.

Characteristics :
Max. driving capacity : 100 kN
Max. pulling capacity : 140 kN
Stroke of cylinder : 1175 mm.
Sounding speed : 2 cm/ sec.

Unloaded speeds :
Upward : 12, 5 cm/ sec.
Downwards : 12, 5 cm/ sec.

Consist of :
Hydraulic Driving Appliance 1 unit
Engine/ pump 8 kw petrol engine 1 unit
Flexible hoses 1 set
Control unit 1 set
Anchoring tickets 4 pcs
Sounding tubes 36/ 16 mm dia x 1000 mm, including pressure rod 25 pcs

Tool box containing :
Pressure gauges 0-16 x 100N 2 pcs
Pressure gauges 0-120 x 100N 2 pcs
Automatic safety valve 1 pc
Jacket cones 2 pcs
Friction jacket cones 2 pcs
Friction reducer 1 pc
Spares for petrol engine 1 pc
Spares for hydraulic engine 1 pc
Set of service tools 1 pc

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